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Proper Crisps come in 2 Bag Sizes. Small  (35g & 40g bags) and Large (100g & 140/150g Bags). To make an order just fill in this form. Once we receive it we will advise bank details and then once paid, we will ship your product! Easy!
Please note, we are unable to ship to PO Box addresses. NZ orders only, prices are in NZD$

Big Cut

Big Cut 12x Bags ($65)


Tortilla 12x Bags ($65)


Potato 12x Bags ($65)

Home Compostable

Compostable 36 x 35g bags ($97)


Potato 36x 40g Bags ($80)
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Limited Editions
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Vegetable 14x 100g Bags ($76)
Vegetable 36x 35g Bags ($95)

PICK your own!

$65 per carton

By popular demand, we're pleased to announce we are now accepting mixed orders for our 150-100g ranges! 

Please note, each carton is 12x bags of Crisps.
Not available for Home Compostable range

STEP  Fill out your details above 
STEP Select your favourite Proper Crisps 
STEP 3 Make sure it adds up to 12
STEP 4 Submit your order!
STEP 5 Enjoy!

Mixed cartons contain 12 bags of crisps.

Order Received!

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