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Fiesta of Flavour

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Who Are We

Proper Tortillas

Our Tortillas offer a complete sensory experience of salty, sweet, spicy and umami made with really real ingredients. Plant-based, and gluten-free as always, our Tortillas are made with white corn a clean taste, our Tortillas are cut to shape, for the ultimate in crisp engineering!

As with our Proper Crisps, we like to do things differently, and this includes our tasty tortillas. 


Crafting them to a TRADITIONAL Mexican recipe, our tortilla chips start with a Masa (dough) by volcanic-stone grinding NON-GMO white corn, which is then rolled into a round tortilla, baked and cut into Totopos (Tortilla chips).
We then hand-cook and flavour them to ensure they are an essential for any dip or nacho eater!

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