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The OGs

The crisps that started it all. The original line up of Proper Crisps.

Made with really real ingredients. Additive & preservative free. 


Marlborough Sea Salt

The award-winning original flavour that started a snack movement.


Rosemary & Thyme

We literally raided the garden and sprinkled rosemary and a hint of thyme over our crisps. Just like Sunday roasties, for any day of the week!


Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt

Doing things differently is in our DNA, so we added a proper twist to this classic, combining sea salt with the subtle zing and sparkle of apple cider vinegar.


Onion with Green Chives

Our take on an Onion flavour will have Cheese & Onions lovers up in arms for Proper. Our balance of gourmet onions, green chives and Marlborough Sea Salt to tantalise taste buds.


Barbeque Rub

Low and slow or a red-hot sizzle, at Proper, we love a good Barbeque. We've crafted a spicy, smoky, and not sweet rub that pairs perfectly with our spuds.

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