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There’s something to be said for a crisp that doesn’t need a dip. For a crisp that has so much real, full flavour that your mouth waters just thinking about it. Then combine that with the perfect crunch. You can just hear it. The perfect crisp. It’s what we strive for.

Put it on a platter. Eat it straight from the bag. Hide it from your partner. We won’t judge. We’re just as addicted. As our crisps seasonings are made from real ingredients, our flavours are a little different from your standard chip. You can read more about them here and we’ve included some great pairings because proper crisps deserve a proper drink.

Chip 1.png

Cut bigger. Cooked Low & Slow. Ridiculously Satisfying. Award Winning.

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Marlborough Sea Salt

Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted in finely ground Marlborough Sea Salt, harvested from Lake Grasmere, coating each crisp like sea spray for a BIGGER flavour

Best paired with // Garage Project Project IPA

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Dill Pickle & Apple Cider

Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted with zingy Apple Cider Vinegar for a lip-puckering tang, a hint of Dill and subtle pickling herbs. We think they are a dill-iciously BIG flavour.

Best paired with // Garage Project Project IPA

Smoked Paprika 
Sweet & Smokey

Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted with a sweet smoked Paprika, grown on the hills of Spain and smoked with oak wood for a truly unique tapas-inspired BIG flavour.

Best paired with // Garage Project Fugazi

Purple & Gold
Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt

Our thickly cut golden and purple potatoes are dusted with a proper touch of Marlborough Sea Salt and a colourful blend of freshly cracked rainbow peppercorns for a peppery flavour.

Best paired with // Garage Project Hapi Daze

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Gold 2024.png
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The Original Line Up

Sea Salt 150gm with invisible background.png
Marlborough Sea Salt

The award-winning original flavour that started a snack movement.


Apple Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt

Doing things differently is in our DNA, so we added a proper twist to this classic, combining sea salt with the subtle zing and sparkle of apple cider vinegar.

Chip 2.png
Chip 1.png
Onion with Green Chives

Our take on an Onion flavour will have Cheese & Onions lovers up in arms for Proper. Our balance of gourmet onions, green chives and Marlborough Sea Salt to tantalise taste buds.

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Sage and Onion

A crisp inspired by our plant-based roots, this is Proper's "No Chicken" Chicken flavour. Our not-so-secret mix of sage, onion, and a sprinkle of maple sugar gives a real stuffing vibe.

Rosemary & Thyme

We literally raided the garden and sprinkled rosemary and a hint of thyme over our crisps. Just like Sunday roasties, for any day of the week!

BBQ Rub 150g Bag.jpg
Barbeque Rub

Low and slow or a red-hot sizzle, at Proper, we love a good Barbeque. We've crafted a spicy, smoky, and not sweet rub that pairs perfectly with our spuds.

Chip 1.png

Vege Crisps

It wouldn’t be right not to share the love with our other favourite vegetable here in New Zealand, the Kumara. And while we were at it; we threw in a couple of other veges to bring a medley of goodness for our more health discerning connoissuers. 

Sweets & Beets

Sweets and Beets what a treat. They are a moreish mix of seasonal NZ kumara and beetroot. Finished with just a light sprinkle of Marlborough sea salt – like ying and yang in a packet.

GM 100gm.jpg
Garden Medley

Bringing you chiogga Beetroot, carrot, parsnip and of course kumara – New Zealand’s sweet potato, all grown by our long-time farming partners, and a light touch of sea salt.

Kumara Crisps

In each bag we have batched cooked in High Oleic Sunflower Oil our seasonal mix of Orange (Beureguard), Red (Owairaka) and Gold kumara (TokaToka), and Purple, and lightly sprinkled with Marlborough sea salt.

Crisps & Sips

Clearly, we weren't the ones who decreed that a drink and a bag of crisps made an occasion. But we figured matching them to bring out the sensory flavours properly, elevates it for you at home. Scroll through the below videos to see our favourite pairings.

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