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Tortilla Omelette

Prep Time:

10 mins

Cook Time:

10 mins


Serves 1




For the herb sauce

Coriander, 1 bunch

Parsley, 1 bunch

Lime, juice of 1

Salt, big pinch

Olive oil, 1/4 cup


For the omelette

Eggs, 2

Salt, pinch

Butter, 1 tbsp

Olive oil, a drop

Parmesan, 2 tbsp grated

Proper Pineapple Salsa Tortilla Chips, 1 bag


For the Herb Sauce

Roughly chop the parsley and coriander then put in a mortar and pestle with a big pinch of salt. Pound into a paste, then add the lime juice and olive oil and mix with a spoon until combined. Put it in a small bowl and add more olive oil to cover the herbs. This will keep them green.

For the Omelette

Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Add the pinch of salt at the end, just before you are ready to cook the omelette.

On medium heat, melt the butter and a drop of olive oil and a pan. Turn the heat down to low.

Pour the eggs into the pan and let them sit. Scatter over the grated parmesan and crunch a handful of chips and scatter them down the center in a line.

Watch the eggs and when one side is able to be lifted up with a spatula, fold the omelette into itself. You don’t need to fold it fully in half, about a third of the way over will be ok. Then wait for the other side to be able to be folded over, or follow the same side and keep folding it over itself as it cooks and is able to be lifted from the pan with a spatula. You don’t want to overcook the omelette, so it will require your full attention and a bit of practice until you get an omelette you are happy with.

Serve on another big handful of tortilla chips with a spoonful of herb sauce on top.

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