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A truly authentic tortilla chip made using a traditional Mexican recipe. Our tortillas use non-gmo white corn sourced from the US to re-create the taste and texture the tortilla is known for around the world. Really real and high-quality ingredients is something we pride ourselves on so getting our hands on the best raw ingredients, no matter where in the world, was a non-negotiable. We then hand-cook and flavour the totopos to perfection, as you would expect from us here at Proper.   


Salted Tortilla

Traditional salted tortilla chips are seasoned with just a simple sprinkling of Marlborough Sea Salt…and that’s all!

Cheeza-peno Tortillas

A spicy, dairy free cheese alternative tortilla or your tastebuds. A vegan suitable cheese tortilla with hints of jalapeno, lime & smoked paprika.


Pineapple Salsa

Inspired by Mexican salsas, our Pineapple Salsa Tortilla Chips are made with dried pineapple, mango & jalapeno peppers for that sweet and spicy flavour burst.

Chilli-Lime Tortillas

A fiesta of flavour combining fresh as real lime with a chaser of jalapeno for the ultimate tingly tongue vibe.


Having a fiesta?

Try one of our recipes to serve alongside Proper Tortillas

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