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Because we know Every Bite Matters, Proper elevates the usual mindless munch to an eating experience - a snack that satisfies taste buds, body and soul.

Proper was founded on a longing for a real potato crisp. And when we say real, we mean really real - like the traditional crisps people used to make before robots started messing with our food.


Cooked by hand and seasoned with care, that first crisp was not just better, it was transcendent. Memorable, shareable and addictively delicious. It awakened a fire within us, starting a movement for meaningful snacks that continues to this day.

Its why Proper snacks are cooked by people and hand selected for perfection, every potato, every crisp, every cracker.


Are we obsessed? We prefer devoted. For us, the result makes it all worthwhile. Real, scrumptious, and cooked by hand since always – snacks that are meaningful not mindless. Because every bite matters. So come, open a bag and experience the great Snack Awakening.

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Proper Chef meets Proper Chef

Over the ditch

In 2019 we saw an opportunity to share our delicious crisps with our friends over the ditch, and so we started shipping our crisps across the sea.


As we converted more and more people to the Proper Crisp experience, demand grew enough for us to open a factory in the Yarra Valley in Victoria.


Just like here in NZ, we select the best potato to create the impeccable crunchiness and pure potato flavour you know and love from Proper. Whilst we ensure our process is the same, we are sourcing potatos locally so if you find yourself in Australia, or Australians here in NZ, there are some subtle differences in taste and texture.

We’re busy spreading the word about Proper Crisps so expect to see them in a store, pub, club, dairy or anywhere discerning purveyors of fine foods exist.

Still growing

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