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When you reach for a bag of Proper Crisps you’re not just reaching for a snack. You’re indulging in an edible masterpiece. The superior golden potato is picked with care, cooked by hand, seasoned with real ingredients to add flavour the right way and packaged up to deliver you the best chip. 


Elevate your get togethers with the best chips on the table


Allergen friendly. Vegan suitable. Just really real ingredients.


Made better by people. Cooked and hand selected by our Proper Chefs.

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Big Cut Range

Cut bigger. Cooked low and slow. Ridiculously Satisfying. Award Winning.

Four delicious flavours available. 


Sweet Potato

The Sweet Potato Crisp is subbing in for our Kumara Crisps this season while our growers recover from Cyclone Gabrielle.

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Order a carton of Proper Crisps direct to your door from our warehouse. 

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