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Layered Bean Dip

Prep Time:

25 Minutes

Cook Time:

30-40 minutes


6-8 Servings




·         250g tub of sour cream, bring it close to room temperature by leaving at out of the fridge for 20 minutes

·         1x can medium chilli beans (or hot if you like it spicy!)

·         1x jar salsa dip (medium or hot)

·         ½ cup grated Noble cheddar cheese

·         Fresh coriander leaves, chopped for serving

·         1 bag of Cheeza-Peno tortilla chips


1.      Pre-heat the oven to 180°C fan bake

2.      In a small to medium sized oven-proof dish, layer the chilli beans first, then pour over the salsa. Next spread the sour cream on top with a spatula.

3.      Sprinkle over cheese and bake in a hot oven for 30-40 minutes until golden and bubbly

4.      Let it cool and then sprinkle over coriander and serve with Cheeza-Peno tortilla chips.

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