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Outstanding Platter

Prep Time:

As long as you want! Play around with various ideas and layouts!

Cook Time:






Proper Hand Cooked Chilli Lime Tortilla

Proper Hand Cooked Crisps Sweets & Beets

Proper Hand Made Cracker Bread

Akaroa Salmon

Pinoli Pine Nuts

L’Authentique Chicken & Sage Paté

Augustines of Central Picked Asparagus (refer recipe suggestion for ingredients)

Augustines of Central Rhubarb and Rosé

Nieuwenhuis Farmstead Cheese, Marinated Cloud (Fresh Goat Cheese in oil)


Cherry Tomatoes (we used Curious Croppers)

Fresh seasonal vegetables (we used green beans and snow peas)

Fresh herbs for garnish

Avacado Dip (refer recipe for ingredients)


Texture and mouthfeel

-          creamy, silken, melt-in-the mouth textures combine with bite-tender and crunchy textures to add interest and excite the palate.


-          cover off, mellow and strong along with savoury, spicy and sweeter flavours. Keep seasonal.


-          we all eat with our eyes so try topping dips with herbs, baby vegetables, seeds and nuts along with a splash of oil to ensure they are so much more appealing.


-          assemble platter just before serving so everything is as fresh as it can possibly be.


If you are entertaining a lot of people then make up smaller platters and make more so everyone can get to them easily.


If seated, offer small plates and a knife to each person so they can help themselves to more than one thing at a time.


Don’t forget to place a knife, spoon or small tongs beside each offering on your platter.  e.g. a spoon or small knife for each dip.


Remember to have plenty of napkins for sticky fingers.


You may need to replenish a platter if it’s starting to look bare and overly messy.

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