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Life is good when your evening looks like this

Tortilla Cheeza Award.jpg

Elevate your get togethers with the best chips on the table

Proper Crisps - web sized-23.jpg

Allergen friendly. Vegan suitable. Just really real ingredients.

Proper Crisps - reshoot-12.jpg

Made better by people. Cooked and hand selected by our Proper Chefs.

Schnitzel that's good

A family favourite, try this crispy chicken schnitzel for dinner at your house. 

Using our Marlborough Sea Salt crisps, get an unrivaled crunch to take your schnitty to the next level.

Entering our best era yet

Our bag for over a decade, this beauty of a bag has served us well and it is with great honour that we slowly introduce her to her retirement.

You will still see her around here and there, while she hands over the reigns and teaches the lay of the land to our new design. 

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