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Ploughman's Sandwich

Prep Time:

10 mins

Cook Time:


Serves 1




  • Two slices of your favourite bread

  • Sliced ham

  • Smoked cheese slices

  • Piccalilli relish or chutney

  • Apple

  • Onion with Green Chives Crisps

  • Butter


Butter two slices of your favourite bread. Layer your sandwich as follows:

  • a slice of smoked cheese

  • a tablespoon of piccalilli

  • Your desired amount of sliced ham

  • Sliced apple for crunchy sweetness

  • Second slice of smoked cheese

  • Second tablespoon of Piccalilli

Salt and pepper to taste and top with your second slice of bread. Serve with a side of Onion with Green Chives crisps.

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