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Our Kumara Growers Cyclone Recovery

On February the 5th, 2023 Cyclone Gabrielle devastated kumara crops in Northland creating a nationwide supply shortage.

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Welcome back Kumara Crisps

Just over a year since the cyclone, almost a year out of stock of our Kumara Crisps. Our friends at Kaipara Kumara have been working hard rebuilding to be able to continue to resume our long-term supply agreement for beautiful New Zealand grown kumara. 

The first harvest of 2024 was recently delivered to our factory in Nelson and there was an air of excitement and appreciation to see our Kumara Crisps back on the production line. 

Keep an eye out for the return of one of our favourite crisps; hitting shelves all over New Zealand in April. 

Hear their story

In collaboration with Storybites; we wanted to give our kumara growers and friends at Kaipara Kumara an opportunity to tell their story. 

Watch this short documentary to see their journey from cyclone devastation to the first harvest of kumara.

Kumara Crisps


This bag of kiwi-grown kumara stars a seasonal mix from our Kaipara farmer friends. They're hand-cooked in batches and lightly salted to let the natural flavours shine through. 

Ingredients: Seasonal kumara, high oleic sunflower oil, sea salt. That's all!

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